“Inward Spiral EP” 1976 (Bandcamp Reissue, 2019)

  1. I Feel
  2. “Far Away
  3. Risdalin-C
  4. “Scum & Filth

For their debut Inward Spiral EP, Fuzzknobs had chosen their live set as the track sequence for their 4-song debut, upon receiving the surprisingly generous gift of 6 hours’ free studio time from anyone Mal got directly in the face of.

“I Feel / Far Away // Risdalin-C / Scum & Filth” were simultaneously released as a one-sided 14″ flexi disc, before cost and practicality could be factored in, and the release was subsequently (the following week) re-imagined as two sides of a 7″ flexi, bringing costs down immeasurably.

Working closely in tandem efforts with ScungePop Zine, the only fan rag which came with its own tube of airplane glue, the July 1976 issue featured the disc on a “first-come first-serve” basis – however, early punters’ furious attempts at ejaculating in tiny newsagents kiosks sent the great minds away again for another re-think.

The final edition was released in a limited run of 1000, (which finally paid for itself after the two prior fiascos) and came with a tissue sleeve but with no clearly marked biodegradation date.

The four EP tracks were also “unofficially” (re-)released as a pair of singles in 2008 for the “In Through The Outbox” box singles set, wrapped in a limited edition picture sleeve of Steve’s botched liposuction procedures, and glued together with what could only be described as “warm pus”. Due to its persistently unpleasant odor, this release was shelved once again, and re-issued later that month in a the infamous “Warm Puppy” sleeve instead, featuring juvenile photography of kiddos fondly holding small dogs, notably to the mutual irritation of the band’s members.