“(I Have Found A) Heartache (and its Name is You)” // “Something’s Definitely Gone Very Wrong (Again)” was released with extra parentheses on April 1st, “Tax Day” of 1980. “

“(I Have Found A) Heartache” is about the doctor correctly diagnosing an affair of the heart.

“Heartache” notably features the spurious vocal contributions of drummer Mal, who popped up after a decade of silence to voice a purely unsolicited final improvisational chorus sing-out, which shocked television audiences when the song went out live (and mostly unrehearsed) on the Top Of The Plops NYE 1979 Special.

“Something’s Definitely Gone Very Wrong” is Fuzzknobs minor-key missive to an ever-growing, pulsating list of people (Sarah, Michael, Norman, Enid, my landlady, etc.) who need to be given repeated reminders when they pretend to ask for an update but apparently want some kind of notification system to go off, it drives you bonkers. It’s a “petty song” from the perspective of being given the run-around by a service person on the phone. The ludicrously long list of names released in the aforementioned also demanded a Remix, properly representing the even-angrier phone call back, later the same afternoon.

As the band’s final single it featured some “legendary guitar battles” between Peter & Steve, some takes of which ended up on the studio floor of cuttings, while other takes ended up in casualty at Morrowvale’s Whinford Royal Hospital.