“Can I Do It From Here” Bandcamp EP 2022

  1. Can I Do It From Here?
  2. “Spam Risk
  3. What’s So Good About It?
  4. “Blame The Algorithm

“Can I Do It From Here” is a post-pandemic punk appeal to one’s lazier instincts, and trying to work from home or wherever one finds oneself, any excuse not to head into the office.

Then there’s the tune about the girl who keeps calling the bloke who’s singing the song, but he’s getting doubtful vibes, upon noticing her name coming up “Spam Risk” on his phone display.

“What’s So Good About It” is perhaps a slightly ‘arch’ shopping song, about planned obsolescence, and having less and less choice and/or control over the past decade; seemingly less now, than perhaps we felt we did had maybe as lately as ten years ago? Looking back, at least when it came to choice, options and quality, the ‘user experiences’ were OK and quality was already pretty good.
But now, user experiences presume too much about you, maybe using predictive behaviours, and manage to get it (ie, shopping) wrong, before you factor in how they’ve cut out many of the options too to save on cost. The future solution to throw away something unwanted, which flies in the face of their new cost model since they don’t want to deal with returns or customer service. There, and I didn’t study economics or nothing.

“Blame the Algorithm” is about F@©eBøøk, Gººgle and all the other data mining services which masquerade as social platforms – yet only exist to rob us of our self-esteem and our better qualities.